In-Person & Online Services Offered

Latin Music Studies with John Lopez is a TEA approved CPE provider

Online Consulting

  • 1-Hour Zoom Session - $95
  • 1.5-Hour Zoom Session - $140
  • 3 1-Hour Zoom Sessions - $250
  • 4 1-Hour Zoom Sessions - $325

Sessions will be delivered via Zoom with customized scheduling

In-Person Consulting/Rehearsal Clinician/Professional Development for Teachers

  • 1-Hour Session - $125
  • 2-Hour Session - $225
  • 3-Hour Session - $325
  • 4-Hour Session - $425
  • 7-Hour Session - $650


--Transportation (Cost of Uber To & From or Airfare (AUS or SAT); Home Location - San Marcos)

--Per Diem (for 7-Hour/Full Day) $65 per day

--Lodging $125 per night

Mariachi Consulting Topics

  • Mariachi Curriculum 6 - 12th Grade
  • Teaching Resources for Mariachi Ensembles at the Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced Ensembles
  • A-Z Guide to the Mariachi Rhythm Section
  • In-Depth Study on Various Mariachi Styles (i.e. Ranchera, Bolero, Son Jaliscience, etc...)
  • How to Start a Middle or High School Mariachi Ensemble/Program
  • Curriculum Consultation for University Mariachi Major
  • Rehearsal Techniques for Mariachi Ensembles
  • The Importance of Arranging for Mariachi Ensembles
  • Mariachi Ensemble Staging & Performance Techniques
  • How to Use Public Address (PA) for a Mariachi Ensemble
  • Recommendations for Instruments, Trajes, & Other Equipment
  • Historical & Cultural Explanation of the Mariachi Genre

Salsa/Latin Jazz Consulting

  • A-Z Guide on the Rhythm Section
  • How to Start a Middle or High School Salsa Ensemble/Program
  • Latin Jazz Rehearsal Techniques
  • Teaching Resources for the Salsa Ensembles
  • Teaching Resources for Latin Jazz Tune/Charts
  • Rehearsal Strategies for MS/HS/College Salsa Ensembles
  • Arranging for MS/HS/COllege Salsa/Latin Jazz Ensembles
  • Fundamental Playing Techniques for each Latin Percussion Instrument
  • Review Salsa Charts for Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Salsa Ensembles
  • In-Depth Study on Various Afro-Cuban styles (i.e. Son Montuno, Cha Cha Cha, Bolero, etc...)
  • How to use Public Address (PA) system for a Salsa Ensemble
  • Historical & Cultural Explanation of the Salsa Genre

Rehearsal Clinician/Professional Development

  • Training & Curriculum Support for Middle/High School Mariachi Directors
  • Clinic 
    • Sectionals
    • Large Group Ensemble Rehearsal
    • Contest Preparation for Festivals & UIL Competitions
    • All-Region Mariachi Workshops for Students & Directors
    • Popular Music Group Coaching (Latin Rock, Rock, Tejano/Conjunto, Pop)
  • Adjudication